Custom WordPress themes

Ernie’s High is a website built on WordPress using a custom theme called Basic High. This theme does not use jQuery and has been tested on an NGINX server running PHP 8.1.9. Additionally, it is compatible with the latest nightly build of WordPress.

Ernies High is a website that doesn’t use any jQuery, frameworks, page builders, or plugins. Instead, custom blocks are created using React and Node development tools (@wordpress/create-block). Some pages on the website use Vanilla JavaScript for animations like “Scroll Animation” or form validation, such as the contact form.

Featuring Custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress…

Besides displaying a non-jQuery theme Ernies High features samples of web development. Showing both frontend and backend development using HTML, CSS, PHP, and vanilla JavaScript (not jQuery).

Pure CSS Carousel

Pure CSS Carousel

An automated CSS image carousel. using no Javascript or jQuery.


HTML email templates

The HTML/CSS is validated and checked using multiple apps ensuring that is rendered properly on all devices and screen sizes.

Custom WordPress page template

Custom WordPress page templates

Themes and page templates created from Figma, Photoshop, etc.

CSS Parallax

An example of creating a custom styling effect with only CSS.

As mentioned above, all content on Ernies High is created using standard Gutenberg Blocks that come with WordPress core or custom blocks created by ernie.