I’m Ernie…

Ernies High

…and “Ernies High” is a website I am putting together. I am a freelance web developer and have been pretty much since 2010. Before then I was a union carpenter building “houses, stores, and banks”1 among other things.

I am experienced in custom coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, and more. I specialize in customizing WordPress sites, themes, plugins, custom page templates, and custom functionality.

The site Ernies High is built off the “Basic High” theme, a theme I developed that does not use jQuery or bulky frameworks such as Bootstrap. I built this theme, just to see what would happen.

As a freelance developer, I look for web development projects finding some that are people looking to improve the speed/performance of their site. Doing an audit of these sites I find that the most common issues are multiple stylesheets and Javascript/jQuery files being added. These files are added by 3rd party frameworks, so-called page builders, and other plugins. Many of which are not needed.

I have worked with most page builders over the years and to be honest I am not sure that they do make the world easier. Frameworks tend to add a lot of cool stuff but most of it is never used nor will it be. So I wanted to build a theme/site without all that BS.

According to the Google gods this page needs 300 words about “Ernies High”. Not sure who put them assholes in charge but hey what do I know. I am at 268 words and ran out of things to say, so sorry Google live with it.

  1. Grandpa Was A Carpenter” a song by John Prine 1973 ↩︎