Yoga Parallax

A custom built Parallax Scroll animation created for a client around 2011. Other than a little JS to detect scroll position, so that the correct button highlights for the correct section on the Nav. This animation is 100% CSS.

If you are using an iPhone, then sorry. iPhone does not support the required CSS for this to work. They feel that is better if you do not have modern CSS. There are numerous JS fixes but that sort of defeats the 100% CSS effect. And it is not that big of deal to me, since I use an Android. Come to think of it I don’t even have a phone now.

Scrolling the page, the backgrounds and characters change in pretty cool effect.

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Strengthens your legs and feet. Provides a sense of groundedness and stability while helping improve your posture.



Improves your balance while strengthening and stretching areas all along the center of your upper and lower body. Strength, balance and flexibility are key aspects of a healthy life.



Increases overall strength and stability. This is another pose that builds a strong foundation of grounded strength.


“Viparita Karani”

Provides relief and relaxation for the legs and feet.



This resting pose releases tension, calms the mind, and increases feelings of safety and security, which helps reduce stress and fatigue.



Leads to deep relaxation, which can relieve stress and mild depression, lowers blood pressure and reduces fatigue.

This relaxed and peaceful discipline ultimately leads the practitioner to establish strong self-control over their own thoughts, emotions and actions.

See the source files at Github.

Images and design done by others